Ornithology house

In the 2014 season we have until Sunday,
opened November 2. 

Use until then the eventful hours in the bird park stones.
In case of bad weather you can spend a long time
in the 500 square meter house Ornithology.
From the output of Ornithology house it goes directly
to the 30 m long covered aviary of parakeets. This colorful flying acrobats are very trusting and inspire large and small park visitors.

In heavy continuous rain the birds of prey show
can not be performed because the raptors can not fly when wet.
Then there is an alternative program.
The raptors are presented by Falkner Falkner below the arena
at the covered pergola individually and
explained everything about the particular bird of prey.


Until November 2, 2014 daily experience!

The two highlights: Air Show, feeding monkeys

>>    To Video Birds of Prey Flight Show                                              >>  To Video Moderated Barbary Macaque Feeding

Offer for travel groups

For tour groups, which are in the Black Forest on the road, the bird park stones is a must.
Switzerland and the Alsace are only a bus hours.

Special offer for travel groups  >more…