Sponsoring an animal in the Vogelpark Steinen

Patenschaften im Vogelpark Steinen

Today more and more animal and bird habitats are being lost. Some threatened species are therefore being bred in the Vogelpark Steinen so as to ensure their continued existence. The Vogelpark takes great pains to create a life for the birds and animals which is both appropriate to their species as well as being interesting. Improvements in animal care are of course always possible but unfortunately they cost money. For that reason we would be very happy if you could decide to adopt an animal. If you do so, we thank you on behalf of all our animals for your valuable support.

Tierpatenschaft im Vogelpark Steinen

What does it mean to sponsor an animal?

It is not an anonymous gift. It is a symbolic link between you and the animal you sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for the sponsorship of the animal of his choice for at least one year.

How does your sponsorship help your sponsored animal?

The money raised by the sponsorship is used to look after the welfare of your sponsored animal and includes amongst other things the buying of food, the daily cleaning of the enclosure and preventive medical examinations. The money is exclusively used for the well-being of the animal.

The way to become a sponsor...

Tierpatenschaft im Vogelpark Steinen
»Waldi« www.saga-photography.de

Shortly afterwards you will be informed if the animal you have chosen is still available. Should the animal already have a sponsor for the season, you will receive from us an alternative suggestion.
To show our thanks for your support, you will receive a sponsorship certificate and an information sheet for your sponsored animal.  Your name and where you live will be shown in the park on our large sponsors' panel. A sponsorship is possible from  50.00 €.   

To enable you to visit your sponsored animal at all times, you can have in addition a season's free entry to the park if you take out a sponsorship of 150,00 €  or more.

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