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Birds of prey flight show: Alternative programme

In the event of heavy rain or thunderstorm the bird of prey flight show cannot take place, as the birds are unable to fly because of the wet conditions and strong wind.

In these circumstances we offer an alternative programme. The birds of prey will be introduced individually beneath the covered pergola under the falconry arena and all the essential information about each bird of prey will be presented.

You can obtain the local weather forecast here.

Park opening times on Sundays, Public Holidays and during the Holiday Period

We are open longer on Sundays, Public Holidays and during the holiday period
in Baden Württemberg (July, August, September).

Extended opening times: 10am to 6pm.

Visitors' Car Park

There are approximately 350 free parking places for cars and 15 for coaches.

No charge for park visitors.

Coming by car

If you are coming from Freiburg, take the A5 Basel exit. Keep right at the motorway junction 68 – Dreieck Weil am Rhein and follow the signs A98 in the direction of Rheinfelden/Lörrach. Take exit 5 – Lörrach Mitte (= centre) on the B317 in the direction of Schopfheim. Turn left at the fork and follow the road along.

At the roundabout take the third exit and drive through Steinen. Turn right in the direction of Kandern – Weitenau. In Weitenau turn left. Approximately 500m further on you will see the visitors' car park and the Vogelpark Steinen.

See also website How to reach us.

Travelling by bus and train

Plan your journey under

Public bus No. 7305 (Fahrplan) from Steinen Town Hall, 50m from Steinen Station.
Destination: Weitenau - Vogelpark Steinen.

School classes and travel groups also have the possibility to hire a bus from Steinen station outside normal travel times. Enquiries should be addressed directly to the SBG SüdbadenBus company.

Contact person: Uwe Mühl
Tel.: 0049 (0) 7622 - 68 460-20
Fax: 0049 (0) 7622 - 68 460-19

Cycle paths to the Vogelpark

Bring your bicycle with you. The cycle path is well set back from the road and leads from Steinen to the Vogelpark on the right of the road through beautiful countryside.

Cycle from Steinen Station through Steinen to the crossroads Kandern-Weienau. There is a cycle path after 600m which leads to Weitenau. Turn left in Weitenau and take the main road to the Vogelpark Steinen. The distance between the station to the Vogelpark is approximately 5km.

Cycle transport from Basel SBB:

For hiking, cycle paths and direction signs see: (Schwarzwaldverein)

Eating and Drinking in the Vogelpark

Snacks and coffee and cakes can be bought at the kiosk at the entrance to the Vogelpark.

There are several terraced areas with a total of approximately 400 seats, as well as a cafe for about 100 people selling coffee and snacks. It is possible to sit here in the event of bad weather.

The "Stüble" can be reserved for travel groups for breakfast, light refreshments and lunch breaks.

Barbecue facilities

There are a total of 7 areas for barbecues, some with protective huts, of which 4 are in the centre of the park and 3 in the upper part (children's playground). These can be reserved. For the location see the website under Park plan No. 12. Charcoal and briquets can be bought if required at the park kiosk.

See also website Barbecue areas.

Own food and drink

The Vogelpark Steinen is family-friendly. Visitors may bring their own food and drink with them.

Short break outside the Vogelpark

There is no problem for you to have a break outside the park or fetch something from the car after buying your ticket. The inside of your hand will be stamped at the souvenir kiosk. Then you can re-enter the park on the same day.

2 children's playgrounds

One children's playground is situated on somewhat higher ground, directly behind the entrance to the park in the direction of the Barbary macaques' free enclosure. You can take a break on the large open-air terrace below the children's playground and always have children in sight.

An extra playground is situated on the upper part of the park next to the barbecue areas.

Group reservations

There is a fax reservation form for groups:

Click on the desired category and you will receive the corresponding reservation form which can be printed directly.

Do not forget when planning your trip that the fascinating Bird of Prey Flight Shows take place daily at 11am and 3pm. This is followed at 12 noon and 4pm by the supervised feeding of the Barbary macaques. Food is provided free of charge. A delay in the timing is not possible.


Ordering Vouchers

Vogelpark vouchers of your choice!

Give your loved ones, your colleagues and business friends a surprise!

Voucher overview and order

Please note: The vouchers will only be issued after receipt of payment by post. They can also be sent to Switzerland or France.

Great Reduction in Family Voucher for the Second Visit of the Season to the Park

For 2 adults and 3 children up to 17 years. Special price: 95 Euro!

Saving of approximately 24,6% for children up to 11 years.
Saving of approximately 47,2% for children between 12 and 17 (otherwise children from 12 years pay the adult price)

Order Family Voucher online.

The family voucher is not transferable on the day of use.

Season ticket

These are available for adults and children between 4 and 11 years. The Season ticket is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Please bring a passport photo which can be affixed on purchase. You are immediately entitled to visit the park during opening hours.

Falkner Special offer for falconers: »A Bird of Prey on your Wrist«

The Special Programme for Falconerstakes place from May to October after the feeding of the Barbary macaques from 4.30pm. A maximum of 4 people only on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Not on Bank Holidays.

The time you requested will be checked, after which you will receive a confirmation of booking. On account of the high demand and the limited number of participants your participation in the special programme is only definite when payment has been received.

Our tip: Pay as soon as your time has been confirmed so that your participation is guaranteed.

In the event of unfavourable weather such as: heavy rain, thunder-storm, snow an alternative time will be suggested.

As the birds of prey are very sensitive and react to every background noise, we ask for your understanding that only the 4 paying participants can be present during the special programme.

Possibilities of Accommodation

Do you need suitable accommodation for your stay? See

The Vogelpark Steinen does not provide any accommodation.

Injured birds found outside the park

In accordance with the rules of the Nature Protection Authority

no birds may be taken in at the Vogelpark Steinen.

Please contact your vet or go directly to the Regional Administrative Office (Landratsamt), Environment Department (Abteilung Umwelt)

Landkreis Lörrach: Tel.: 07621 - 410 4181

Accepting birds from private owners

In view of the lack of space not every bird can be accepted by the Vogelpark.

Our staff member, Andrea Knoll, can help you here.


Bird Information House with an area of 500m²

Since the 2012 season visitors have been able to learn about the local bird world on large display panels in the new Bird Information House with an area of approximately 500sq m. The exhibition has taken as its motto: "Every bird watcher is a bird protector!"

The exhibition is divided up into the following subjects: bird recognition; local breeding birds; birds in orchards; grassland; woodland copses; hedges and edges of woods; birds in deciduous woods; alluvial forests; coniferous forests; migratory birds, roaming birds and winter guests, birds of prey, cliff birds, birds near flowing water, ponds and lakes; stalking birds, water fowl, shore birds, marsh birds, common terns and seagulls.

A variety of original eggs can be seen in several showcases. Be amazed at the wonder of bird migration shown on a large explanatory panel.

After the Bird Information House you reach another Vogelpark highlight: the 30m long covered parakeet free flight aviary with many types of parakeets, which can be observed in free flight. These small flying acrobats provide an exciting experience especially for children.