Animal sponsorships in the Vogelpark Steinen

Dear Vogelpark friends

We are sure that for a long time you have found a place in your heart for a type of bird or animal. By becoming a sponsor you have the possibility to make a direct contribution to the preservation and well-being of an animal of your choice in the Vogelpark Steinen.  We would be very happy if you also could decide to sponsor an animal and we thank you on behalf of all our animals for your valuable support.

Your Vogelpark Team

Tierpatenschaften im Vogelpark Steinen

Animal sponsorships are something special.

One animal sponsorship of 150,00 € or more entitles
the sponsor to a season's free entry to the park.

To online reservation: sponsored animal

Table of animal sponsorships with annual contributions

Here you have the chance to look at the sponsored animals' flyer with a series of pictures which you can download and print.