Falkneranlage mit Arena

1. Bird of prey flight shows

The fascinating bird of prey flight shows with eagles, falcons and owls take place daily at 11am and 3pm.

The falconry is situated on a small elevated area near the park entrance. It has seats for approximately 600 people. There is a wonderful view of the beautiful countryside which surrounds the Vogelpark Steinen.

You will experience a fascinating flight show lasting over 40 minutes, which is quite unique in what it offers. Here you can learn everything worth knowing about the falconry and its birds of prey, the protection of birds of prey and the dangers they face, together with their particular qualities and their significance for the balance of nature.


2. Supervised feeding of the Barbary Macaques

The supervised feeding of the Barbary Macaques follows the bird of prey flight shows at 12 noon and 4pm.

You can experience close contact with our playful Barbary Macaques by walking through their enclosure. You can obtain free food to give them. This is an experience that not only children but also adults thoroughly enjoy.

For safety reasons entry to the enclosure is only possible at 12 noon and 4pm. You will be told what to do before you are allowed into the enclosure. You are also asked to respect the notices.

Vogelkundehaus mit 500 qm Fläche

3. Bird house with a surface area of 500 square metres

Visitors have been able to learn about the local bird world in the new bird house, with an area of approximately 500 square metres and 24 large display panels.

The exhibition has the motto:
"Every bird watcher is a bird protector"

The exhibition is divided up into the following subjects: bird recognition; local breeding birds; birds in orchards; grassland; woodland copses; hedges and edges of woods; birds in deciduous woods, alluvial forests; coniferous forests; migratory birds, roaming birds and winter guests, birds of prey, cliff birds, birds near flowing water, ponds and lakes; stalking birds, water fowl, shore birds, marsh birds,

Vogelkundehaus mit 500 qm Fläche

common terns and seagulls.

The daily release of chickens and a variety of original eggs can be seen in several showcases. Be amazed at the wonder of bird migration shown on a large explanatory panel.


4. Parakeet freeflight aviary

You can experience something special in the covered parakeet free flight aviary with its 30-metre long roof and containing many types of parakeets which can be observed in free flight. These small, colourful flying acrobats are an exciting experience for young and old alike.

Suitable food as a treat for the birds is available in feeding trays.

Junges Känguru

5. Kangaroo enclosure

The Bennett kangaroos live in an outdoor enclosure not far from the parakeet free flight aviary.  Experience close contact with these fascinating animals and take your time to observe and learn more about them.

The young kangaroos are carried for approximately 280 days in the pouch of their mothers. When the weather is fine they sometimes leave their mother's pouch to nibble at the grass.

6. Children's play area

There is a children's play area not far from the entrance to the park and in front of the entrance to the Barbary Macaques' enclosure. It is situated above an outside terrace with groups of seats, so that parents have an uninterrupted view of their children. A second playground is situated in the elevated area of the park next to the barbecue facilities.

The children can run around and play on the swings, the climbing tower, the enjoyable merry-go-round, and see-saws to their hearts' content. An exciting and eventful day can be spent at the Vogelpark.

Spielplätze Vogelpark Steinen