Regulations of the Vogelpark Steinen


Dear Park Visitor, dear Group leader,

We are very happy to welcome you on your visit to us. In order that your children, your pupils and yourself may spend a pleasant and varied day in the Vogelpark Steinen, we ask you kindly to observe the following rules:

1. The Vogelpark Steinen is an officially recognised nature and leisure park. Several species of birds are threatened with extinction. With us they receive special care and protection. We would therefore ask you kindly to keep to the paths and not frighten the animals.

2. In view of the animals' different feeding needs it is forbidden to feed them in the park, as illnesses can result.

3. Although birds and animals are used to visitors to the park, a certain protection zone is absolutely necessary.

4. Nothing may be placed in or thrown into the aviaries or the outer enclosures.

5. Annoying the animals or climbing the fences of the enclosures is strictly prohibited.

6. Anyone entering the individual free enclosures and aviaries does so at his/her own risk.

7. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a short lead. They are not allowed into the parakeet house, the barbary macaques' enclosure, the kangaroo enclosure or the falconry. In order to ensure an uninterrupted bird of prey flight-show, dog owners must use the path marked with dog-symbols to gain access to the falconry (see the map of the park). The entry is near the Ara pond. You can tie your dog to the protective wall in front of the arena before the flight show.

8. Children may play on the children's playgrounds. We look to parents and group leaders to exercise control over them. Children using playground equipment, playing fields and similar facilities do so at their own risk.

9. Miniscooters are small vehicles which may be used by one child only (maximum weight: 50kg) because of their small capacity engine. Otherwise damage will be caused to the engine or the axle.

10. For security reasons the seats of the park cableway may only be occupied by one person (maximum weight 90kg).

11. It is essential that the fire and police regulations in the park are fully observed. Barbecues are permitted only on the prescribed barbecue areas.

12. It is forbidden to bring into the park weapons or other dangerous objects (pistols, knives, chains, knuckle dusters). Fireworks and intoxicants are not allowed in or in front of the area of the Vogelpark Steinen.

13. In the interests of safety and an orderly and smooth functioning of the Vogelpark Steinen the directions of the staff of the park must observed. The deliberate making of noise and loud volume of musical equipment is forbidden.

14. There may be a danger of slipping in the park as a result of unfavourable weather conditions (rain, sleet, snow. Guests are therefore informed of the need to take the necessary precautions in the whole of the park area and to use the available hand rails.

15. We remind all parents and people accompanying groups of the need conscientiously to fulfil their supervisory obligations from which we are unable to release them. In this respect supervisory persons and parents are also responsible for all damage caused by those in their charge.

16. All park facilities are carefully maintained and overseen. Any damage or injuries occurring must be reported to the kiosk at the entrance to the park.


Rules of conduct in the falconry:

1. Dogs must remain quiet and tied up behind the protective wall.

2. The area of the falconry is not a playground! Playing football, running around, climbing and jumping on the seats is forbidden.

3. Please refrain from eating or drinking during the flight show. You are also asked to refrain from smoking.

4. You are requested to remain on your seat and not raise your arms or other objects (umbrellas) in the air during the flight show.

5. Please do not throw stones or other objects.

6. Please place your prams to the side and remove coloured flags.

7. Please do not leave small objects unattended.

8. The filming of the entire length of the flight show programme is only allowed with the written permission of the management.

9. The feeding of the birds is strictly forbidden.

Rules of conduct in the barbary macaques' enclosure

1. Entry at own risk!

2. Do not feed the animals with food you have brought yourself. You obtain food free of charge from the food bucket.

3. Please do not touch or annoy any barbary macaques.

4. Dogs must remain outside.

5. Your pram must remain outside.

6. Maintain a safe distance of ½ metre from the barbary macaques.

7. Keep to the paths.

8. Lead small children by the hand.

9. Do not run or shout in the free enclosure.

Please note that we accept no responsibility for accidents caused by the infringement of these rules.

Entry to the park will be prohibited in the event of non-compliance with the park regulations.
Persons causing wilful damage will be prosecuted.

We hope that this will not occur and thank you for your support.

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